She began her career in fashion at the modeling school of the SAVROX MODELS agency, as well as the school of makeup stylists. She worked as a stylist and assistant to photographer Konstantin Rogozhkin, co-founder of SAVROX. As a free model, she collaborated with modeling agencies ART-PODIUM, Teffi. She worked on the Miss Odessa beauty pageant team.

Then she received an invitation to the Amazon modeling agency for the position of director, stage manager, and stylist. She directed a fashion show at the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the “Shustov” sparkling wine factory; directed a fashion presentation on the shady courts before the opening of the tennis championship (Kyiv); directed children’s festival shows in Europe, etc.
She left her job at a modeling agency and founded her own clothing brand, ZhannaKlimova. She created the first fashion collection “Snow Dream” with the support of Sergei Filipchuk and the production center “FEEL”.

This collection was presented at the Museum of the House of Scientists (Odessa). The collection was not accepted for Ukrainian Fashion Week with the note: “does not correspond to the general Ukrainian style.” For this reason, the collection was a participant in the international fashion week in Moscow, where Zhanna Klimova received first prize from the chairman of the jury Jimmy Baldinini and a contract with a chain of designer stores in Moscow.

Zhanna opened a fashion house in Odessa. In 2012, she received the title of “Designer of the Year 2012”. During this period, she became a participant in the Indian Ministry’s program for cooperation with Indian manufacturers. She created clothing collections under the Zhanna Klimova brand. She collaborated with Milan showrooms until 2014.

Zhanna took part in international fashion festivals in Paris, Rome, Buenos Aires.

She collaborated with the Odessa rugby club “Credo-63”, and also created costumes for the cheerleading team “BC – Odessa”.

She founded her own modeling agency “BigBucks”, which specialized in non-standard types.

Worked as a fashion editor for the magazine “Models-magazine” (Odessa-Israel).

She founded the home decor and designer tableware brand “SVIN”. Received first prize for a designer serving dish of the SVIN brand at the Design Awards competition (Italy). This dish was created experimentally and technologically on the basis of the KWAMBIO company using 3D ceramic printing.

In the field of interior design, Zhanna Klimova collaborated with the studio of Alexey Karnoukhov, Yuri Belikov; decorative designers Alexander Milov and Arsen Chilidze. She has done independent projects in the field of interior design both in Ukraine and Europe.

During the war in Ukraine 2024, she developed a winter uniform for doctors of the French Red Cross.