Bottle of milk

The first short film by Zhanna Klimova, “Bottle of milk”. Participant of the Venice Film Festival and Manhattan Short Film Festival. the film was shot in 2019. This is a small ironic story about what happens to each of us in everyday life.

Commercial for italian postal service

Zhanna Klimova, as always, shoots in her preffered style of irony and black humor.

Unequal deal

The first short film is impromptu. Filmed on a mobile phone in one hour. The headlights of a car were used as light. The film took part in the vertical frame film competition (Cannes)

the walk in the midday clouds

film-mood. in this film I wanted to convey to the viewer the mood of the music, which unites all the episodes. little adventures of one day. the premiere of the film took place in November 2019